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The Part-Time Mermaid goes Keppeltasche!

Hi there!
The Part-Time Mermaid has moved to a new, better and more authentic site called "Keppeltasche"- it's pretty much the same-exept a tad more awesome.
Check it out!

Beach Bag Essentials

Hi there!

Now that it's official mermaid time (aka summer) I would like to share what I keep in my beach bag!  I've already been on a short holiday over the weekend and since I'm a pale vampire I gotta keep my sunshine survival bag close! Now this year's summer weather is something completely new in the UK and according to your tweets y'all are melting. I - for a change - am not really sensitive to heat. It's pretty much never too hot for me but nevertheless I'm quite prone to sunburns because of said vampire paleness.
Furthermore I also used to suffer from acne, so my face is covered in scars which doesn't make buying sunscreen easy. An average brand will do for my body (currently using the OMBIA SUN SPF 30 one) but I need to sacrifice a little fortune every summer for my face. I actually bought this year's sunscreen at the pharmacy and I'm actually head over heels in love with it ! (La Roche Posay SPF 30)
First of all it does what it said o…

5 things I was taught at Drama Classes

Hi there mermaids!

I'm back with a new post! Some of you might know that I've been studying Drama at University for three years now and I've had an amazing time! Unfortunately this whirlwind journey is coming to an end very soon since I'll be graduating this summer!  One thing that comes with choosing to study Drama are the very annoying opinions of not-so-loved distant relatives and "friends" that predict your apparently horrible future as a homeless person because "how can you be so stupid to study something if you won't get a job afterwards anyway?" Although I've always been one who believes in the things she loves and is ready to defend her dreams no matter what, it still leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling to know you're not supported all the way.  Luckily, my close family always has my back and with their help I was able to study what I love so dearly.  Whenever people ask me what I've actually learnt or what I'm goin…

Summer Scents 2017

Hi mermaids! 🐟

If there's one thing that I can't miss in the morning it's tea  and a scent  to go with my mood. I feel like I've subconsciously categorised my fragrances in spring/summer/autumn/winter and summer is always the time where I get out my fresh scents that remind me of sunshine and the beach. I've stocked up this year's summer scents and I'm going to share them with you down below!

 I would be lying if I said I bought this simply because of the scent. Nope, I looove the packaging! Although I didn't incorporate the box it came in in the picture since it would've destroyed the colour scheme of my flat lay (#bloggerproblems)but it honestly is sooo lovely!
The scent itself doesn't disappoint as well. Contrary to the ck One fragrance, this one is much more on the feminine side and it reminds me of french ladies sipping coffee in a café somewhere in Nice having their life totally sorted out. I'm neither of that and if I sip coffee, t…

How I conceal my acne scars...

Hello Mermaids!🐟

Since it's getting warmer, my skin is recovering from the tolls winter ❄ has taken and it's breaking out less recently. Overall I'm quite happy with my skin at the moment, in most areas of my face it is acne-free. 👧
However, I do have quite a few acne scars on both of my cheeks and some on my skin due to hormonal break outs. They are fading, but dark spots are still visible.
I don't consider myself a beauty blogger, although 'beauty' is one of the topics I talk about on my blog, simply because I like it but I'm not a professional whatsoever.
In February I decided to skip foundation which is probably why my skin has gotten so much better.
For my everyday make-up I do a VERY minimalistic routine (because I ain't getting up earlier just to contour 🛏) and I found that it actually looks better than using foundation, concealer and whatnot.

Products I start off by using my favourite moisturiser L'oreal Paris Skin Perfection to prep my…

White + Milk Chocolate Muffins

Hello mermaids, 🐟
Long time no see, huh? It's been a while since I blogged 🖥 but now here I am-back with a new post!
I recently discovered this suuuper complicated "I need to spend 2 years in the kitchen to make this cake 🎂 taste nice and it might still look crappy" type of recipe on Pinterest and it looked SOOO tasty BUT to spare myself the meltdown and still get my daily chocolate intake I need in order to survive I decided to do a version that's a bit easier to accomplish, (and by "a bit" I mean A LOT) doesn't contain any exotic ingredients (in fact you can get 'em all at your street's corner shop-IMAGINE THAT!) and it won't take you as long as driving to a bakery. (Except you live super close to one, if that's the case pleeease keep quiet and embrace my attempted funniness)

Soooo, here's what you're gonna need...2 eggs🥚30 g cocoa powder250 g flour170 ml milk 🥛2 tsp baking powder120 g sugar1 pck vanilla sugar110 g softe…

Austrian Drugstore Haul!

Hi mermaids!

First things first- I'm engaged! My boyfriend proposed to me on our holiday in Australia on New Year's eve! The last week before Uni started, we stopped by in Austria to tell my family about our engagement and of course: To do some shopping! I don't necessarily miss any Austrian skincare here in London, you Brits have a much larger span of brands and stores where brands that I was used to order online since they weren't very easily accessible, are in the ordinary sortiment.
Nevertheless I picked up some bits and bobs and thought I'd share them with you! 

Are there any great products or brands in your country I need to know about? Tell me and the others in the comments down below!

Take care,