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Christmas 2015

The time I've waited for all year long has finally come around and with it my whole Austrian family which makes this year's Christmas extra special. Thank god we moved into our new home last month otherwise I would have had to stuff 5 people into my one room apartment! But now that we have 2 spare rooms for guests it all works out perfectly and I'm loving the feeling of reunion with my little patchwork family. It's never completely silent and I love the noisy hurly burly! I'm also very excited that my mum finally gets to meet my boyfriend's family and vice versa. We'll be driving to South Yorkshire on the 27th, where my boyfriend's family lives, and since his family is also really huge (he has 6 younger siblings) this Christmas surely won't be a boring one! I'm really looking forward to catching up on stuff with his mum and play with the little ones but of course also exchange prezzies! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas as well and enjoy t…

CATRICE All Around Concealer

Catrice is a brand that sells very high quality products for a low price, that's why it's usually my go-to brand all things make-up. When buying this concealer palette, I had quite high expectations, since only having to carry one product that does the job of usually 5 different ones sounded very appealing to me. I'm a dedicated spot collector, therefore only using a dash of concealer almost never does the trick.  I'm now absolutely in love with this palette and usually take it with me when travelling since I like to keep the amount of make up in my travel bag low. However, when I first used this product, I was utterly disappointed. The problem was- I didn't know how to use it, and I figured I'm not the only one. It would be a pity for you to miss out on such a good product just because the instructions on the back weren't clear enough. So here it is- your ultimate guide to the CATRICE All Around Concealer!

What's your favourite product at the moment? …

Mayr's Tea & Design

As some of you may know, I'm a huuuge tea addict. I drink about 3 cups a day all year round simply because I love the taste and it calms me down very quickly, so when I moved to the UK I was overwhelmed by the variety of tea several shops offered. However, in my home town in Austria there's a little shop called Mayr's Tea & Design which beats all tea shops I've ever been in. Besides selling unique jewellery and decoration, they also produce all sorts of tea themselves only using natural and organic ingredients. I didn't want to miss out on such deliciousness of tea so I made my friend Phil send me tea this Autumn. Two weeks ago the package arrived containing 10 packs of tea. Obviously they all tasted heavenly, but I wanted to share only my five favourites with you!
Wolkenschieber The title alone is beautiful! The term Wolkenschieber translates to Cloud mover and I think this sounds super Christmassy! I remember my friend Lily and me playing with our barbies sip…

The Glow

This year my boyfriend surprised me with a very special advent calendar. I got a book about DIY natural cosmetics, which is a topic that really interests me, since I've always wanted to avoid using all those products which include toxins and other stuff that's not good for your face at all. So everyday from now on, I get either a product I'll need for those recipes or supplies, which is such a creative idea and by far my favourite advent calendar since it's a nice alternative to just chocolaty ones.  The book was written by Anita Bechloch, a German writer who has experienced a lot of struggles using conventional skin products so she started producing her own. I also love how clear she informs you about all things worth knowing concerning skin care, for example she starts off the book by helping you find out about your skin type, telling you about the layers of skin and what their functions are and most importantly which impact the products she's using have. Further i…