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Beach Bag Essentials

Hi there!

Now that it's official mermaid time (aka summer) I would like to share what I keep in my beach bag!  I've already been on a short holiday over the weekend and since I'm a pale vampire I gotta keep my sunshine survival bag close! Now this year's summer weather is something completely new in the UK and according to your tweets y'all are melting. I - for a change - am not really sensitive to heat. It's pretty much never too hot for me but nevertheless I'm quite prone to sunburns because of said vampire paleness.
Furthermore I also used to suffer from acne, so my face is covered in scars which doesn't make buying sunscreen easy. An average brand will do for my body (currently using the OMBIA SUN SPF 30 one) but I need to sacrifice a little fortune every summer for my face. I actually bought this year's sunscreen at the pharmacy and I'm actually head over heels in love with it ! (La Roche Posay SPF 30)
First of all it does what it said o…