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My Natural Skincare Pamper Night Routine!

Our skin is really having a tough time in winter. The lack of humidity makes our skin dry out, the constant change in temperature (cold outside, warm inside) makes it hard for the skin's lipid layer (a very thin layer of fat located on the epidermis that protects our skin from losing moisture) to obtain its complete function. Due to the weakened function of the lipid layer it's easier for germs to settle.
In a nutshell- the change of climate in winter makes our skin come under stress.

Furthermore, we notice blackheads, pimples and their evil brothers and sisters all the more because summer is extremely beneficial for our skin, mainly because of the anti-inflammatory impact of the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. In winter there's less sun, therefore less ultraviolet rays.
That makes our skin break out even worse.

What can we do to help our skin?

I personally avoid harsh skincare products altogether. I love natural skincare, because its goal and purpose is to be  your skin…

Purple Obsession!

It's finally November, which means I already exchanged the pumpkins on my porch for golden baubles, glitter ornaments and silver candles. Not only has the decoration in the Mermaid household changed, but also the Mermaid's wardrobe and makeup! It's usually this time of the year when I get bored of all those autumn colours (don't get me wrong, I absolutely dig 'em in September & October) and all my orange, maroon and auburn clothes get packed away for the next year.
Apparently it's not socially acceptable to get out my Christmas Jumpers plus my neighbours already secretly hate me for going aaaall out with the Christmas decor, so I usually settle for grey, black and white simple clothes. To make everything a bit more wha wha woom I love doing purple make up! I think it really suits my blond hair and fair complexion and for someone who doesn't really experiment with make up, purple is already a huge step out of my comfort zone. Today I'd love to share…

Easy Apple & Cinnamon Muffins!

Hope you liked this quick and easy recipe! Apple Muffins are one of my favourite things to make when it comes to baking in Autumn, but today I tried out a new recipe to spice things up! I personally like this new one better since the muffins turn out waaaay more moist and fluffy!

Are you planning on recreating this recipe? If yes- send me a picture on twitter (@Julia_WalkerOfc) or tell us in the comments below!

Pumpkin Spice Sprinkles and Copper Glitter,

xoxo Julia

What I wore on my first day of University!

Hi there fellow mermaids!
Yaaay I'm back! and so is University/School/whatever ! I'm so excited to finally blog again, I've got tons of ideas, new motivation and *drum roll* if everything goes all right a new template for The Part-Time Mermaid soon! There have been a few technical issues on here lately, which is partly mine, partly Bloggers and partly my template's fault. Hopefully now everything's back to normal and you can enjoy a lovely bug-free blog! 
You might wonder why I haven't blogged in such a long time. Long story short- I was feeling terribly mental illness- wise. I really don't want to get into it right now because it's all really emoshhh but don't worry I'll make a seperate post on that. For you nosy people out there and also to kind of apologise to y'all. I might not have an audience as big as Zoella's or Louise Pentlands, but it still felt to me like I let my readers down. Anywayyys let's get back to the fun stuff.

Marshmallow Chocolate Cookies!

Hello there fellow mermaids!

I'm back to blogging! Yay! As I've shared with you previously, I had to stop blogging because I was feeling horrible mentally. I used to suffer from depression and anxiety, but haven't had an attack in a year, but this summer I couldn't handle life at all for some reason. I had to cut back on stress or otherwise everything would've gone downhill. Luckily I'm feeling a lot better now, mainly due to the amazing support from my boyfriend. Blogging is obviously something I really enjoy and therefore I was gutted to not provide you with quality content. But now I'm back, more motivated than ever! I thought sharing one of my favourite recipes would be a good blogging come back, so there you go!

What you'll need...

100g butter
100g caster sugar
175g flour
1 tsp. baking powder
2EL milk (almond or cow)
50-100g chocolate (depending on how dark and chocolatey you want them to be)

Melt the butter, then mix in the sugar. Ne…

Studying Tips | Collab with Steph's World!

Hi there fellow mermaids!
The summer is getting to an end (at least here in the UK) which means holidays are almost over too or already are- depending where you live. I personally start University at 12th September- my senior year!! (Let me know in the comments below which grade you're in and when you start/started school!)

Alright, now let's get to the fun part. For this post I collaborated with Steph from Steph's World and we decided to do a post on Studying Tips (as you might have already guessed by the title haha) but this one's a little different from the ordinary ones. Keep on reading to get some tips from someone who is still in University and someone who has already graduated!

How to take notes the right way and why you should make them look pretty

It doesn't matter if you're still in High School or already in University- taking notes is always important, however if you don't do it properly you'll end up not wanting to study with them. I had th…

Lips are movin: My lipstick collection!

Hi there fellow mermaids!

My all time favourite make-up products are probably lipsticks. I just love how you can get away with wearing every colour there possibly is out there and I do own quite a few. Today I wanted to share my 7 favourite ones with you, so let's get into it!

Photo Diary: Roadtrip Italy 2k16

1st stop: Lake Garda Accomodation: Hotel La Perla When? 16.7.-20.7.2016
Day 1:

 Day 2: 

Day 3: 

Day 4:

Italy Make Up Haul!

Hello fellow Mermaids!

If you've been following me on Twitter for a while, you'll most likely know that I've been to Italy for two weeks with my boyfriend and our 2 best friends. (Travel Diary soon to follow, stay tuned!! :) ) Of course me and my friend Lani did a lot of shopping, since almost all stores in Italy had their products on sale for at least -30% going down to UNBELIEVABLE -90% (!!!) I have never in my life seen a store in London or in Austria give away their products (That were all in good condition and styles from Spring/Summer 2016) for so little money, so obviously we shamelessly indulged in the Motto of "Shop until you Drop!" I thought about doing a Clothing Haul on here as well but to be honest it would probably take ages just to take decent photos, let alone caption and link them all. So I decided to settle for a good old Make Up Haul with manageable 6 items.

The first I picked out is an eyeshadow from a store called PUPA Milano, a brand I have…