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Purple Obsession!

It's finally November, which means I already exchanged the pumpkins on my porch for golden baubles, glitter ornaments and silver candles. Not only has the decoration in the Mermaid household changed, but also the Mermaid's wardrobe and makeup! It's usually this time of the year when I get bored of all those autumn colours (don't get me wrong, I absolutely dig 'em in September & October) and all my orange, maroon and auburn clothes get packed away for the next year.
Apparently it's not socially acceptable to get out my Christmas Jumpers plus my neighbours already secretly hate me for going aaaall out with the Christmas decor, so I usually settle for grey, black and white simple clothes. To make everything a bit more wha wha woom I love doing purple make up! I think it really suits my blond hair and fair complexion and for someone who doesn't really experiment with make up, purple is already a huge step out of my comfort zone. Today I'd love to share…