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Now that it's official mermaid time (aka summer) I would like to share what I keep in my beach bag!  I've already been on a short holiday over the weekend and since I'm a pale vampire I gotta keep my sunshine survival bag close! Now this year's summer weather is something completely new in the UK and according to your tweets y'all are melting. I - for a change - am not really sensitive to heat. It's pretty much never too hot for me but nevertheless I'm quite prone to sunburns because of said vampire paleness.
Furthermore I also used to suffer from acne, so my face is covered in scars which doesn't make buying sunscreen easy. An average brand will do for my body (currently using the OMBIA SUN SPF 30 one) but I need to sacrifice a little fortune every summer for my face. I actually bought this year's sunscreen at the pharmacy and I'm actually head over heels in love with it ! (La Roche Posay SPF 30)
First of all it does what it said on the package. I did not get a sunburn, it didn't prevent me from getting a lovely tan and one thing that I really love is the anti-shine effect it has. Basically my skin soaked it up the second I was applying it and left a lovely moisturised feeling but not the usual greasy layer.
Now I'm not someone who puts on make up before going to the beach but if you prefer it that way I'm pretty sure it would work as a base coat perfectly.
  I invented a little ritual that I do every time after leaving the beach in order to pamper my skin a little since the sun, the sand and the salt water take such a toll on your skin! I love myself some refreshing face masks, my current summer faves are the TonyMoly Bamboo Refreshing Water Sheet Mask that makes my face feel so FRESH and NEW it's incredible. In case of breaking out I'm also always bringing something containing tea tree oil since it really helps to fight those nasty pimples. Right now I'm using one from Alkmene which is a natural brand that does amazing stuff. I find that it actually burns quite a bit especially if your skin is a liiiiittle to tanned and at first I thought ohhh boy that one's gonna fuck my skin up but it just sucks all the nasty stuff out and as long as you apply some moisturiser you are good to go! 
Balea also do some refreshing and moisturising ones that come in handy little sachets, some you don't even have to wash off which is perfect if you fancy some pampering on the beach! I'm loving the new one that comes in three sachets and has a cooling effect.
Concerning my body I make sure to apply a thick layer of After Sun Moisturiser even if I'm not sun burnt. I've picked up the OMBIA one this year and honestly I don't Love it but it's not bad- like it does its job but it's a tad sticky, a feeling I don't specifically like.

 For them liiips I love the dm Sun Dance Balm. It's so moisturising and shiny and long lasting and it has SPF 50!

On to the nails... As I said I love doing a little pampering session and that includes painting my nails but in the heat it sometimes takes forever for them to dry so I always make sure to throw a bottle of LOOK High Speed Nail Polish Drying Spray into my bag whenever I'm off to vacayyy!
 Back to my face. I like to keep that sweat away therefore I'm keeping a package of essence oil control paper in my beach bag to remove the shine on the go.
Whenever I have make up on I tend to spritz some essence instant matt setting spray on my face.

Last but not least- I love smelling nice but taking expensive fragrance bottles to the beach is not on my bucket list so I usually go for a body spray. (Hollister Solana Beach) There's a lot in it, it smells just as nice and the bottles are usually made of plastic. So that's a YAY from me!

What's in your beach bag? I'd love to know since I'm creepy and have no live!
Thanks for reading! xx


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