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How I conceal my acne scars...

Hello Mermaids!🐟

Since it's getting warmer, my skin is recovering from the tolls winter ❄ has taken and it's breaking out less recently. Overall I'm quite happy with my skin at the moment, in most areas of my face it is acne-free. 👧
However, I do have quite a few acne scars on both of my cheeks and some on my skin due to hormonal break outs. They are fading, but dark spots are still visible.
I don't consider myself a beauty blogger, although 'beauty' is one of the topics I talk about on my blog, simply because I like it but I'm not a professional whatsoever.
In February I decided to skip foundation which is probably why my skin has gotten so much better.
For my everyday make-up I do a VERY minimalistic routine (because I ain't getting up earlier just to contour 🛏) and I found that it actually looks better than using foundation, concealer and whatnot.

Products I start off by using my favourite moisturiser L'oreal Paris Skin Perfection to prep my…