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White + Milk Chocolate Muffins

Hello mermaids, 🐟
Long time no see, huh? It's been a while since I blogged 🖥 but now here I am-back with a new post!
I recently discovered this suuuper complicated "I need to spend 2 years in the kitchen to make this cake 🎂 taste nice and it might still look crappy" type of recipe on Pinterest and it looked SOOO tasty BUT to spare myself the meltdown and still get my daily chocolate intake I need in order to survive I decided to do a version that's a bit easier to accomplish, (and by "a bit" I mean A LOT) doesn't contain any exotic ingredients (in fact you can get 'em all at your street's corner shop-IMAGINE THAT!) and it won't take you as long as driving to a bakery. (Except you live super close to one, if that's the case pleeease keep quiet and embrace my attempted funniness)

Soooo, here's what you're gonna need...2 eggs🥚30 g cocoa powder250 g flour170 ml milk 🥛2 tsp baking powder120 g sugar1 pck vanilla sugar110 g softe…