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My Natural Skincare Pamper Night Routine!

Our skin is really having a tough time in winter. The lack of humidity makes our skin dry out, the constant change in temperature (cold outside, warm inside) makes it hard for the skin's lipid layer (a very thin layer of fat located on the epidermis that protects our skin from losing moisture) to obtain its complete function. Due to the weakened function of the lipid layer it's easier for germs to settle.
In a nutshell- the change of climate in winter makes our skin come under stress.

Furthermore, we notice blackheads, pimples and their evil brothers and sisters all the more because summer is extremely beneficial for our skin, mainly because of the anti-inflammatory impact of the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. In winter there's less sun, therefore less ultraviolet rays.
That makes our skin break out even worse.

What can we do to help our skin?

I personally avoid harsh skincare products altogether. I love natural skincare, because its goal and purpose is to be  your skin…