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Dungaree skirt and Oxfords

If you have read my last blog post or checked my twitter (@JuliaWalker_Ofc) recently, you'll know that I've been to Barcelona for Valentine's Day with my boyfriend! We both did loads of shopping there since they had some awesome stores that I'll surely miss here in Britain! Luckily the next Zara is only 15 minutes away from our house so I don't have to worry about that. In Barcelona I picked up a very unique 70s style dungaree skirt that usually isn't what wanders in my shopping bag but I somehow fell in love with this piece. At first I was worried about having troubles styling it but it turns out this isn't the case at all!
See the results below!

- Skirt: Zara - Blouse: C&A - Oxfords: Primark - Coat: Topshop -
I hope you enjoyed reading! Tell me what you think in the comments below!
xx Julia

Spring Make-up essentials

Products featured:MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Eyeshadow No. 206
Subtle pink eyeshadow, perfect for a fresh Spring Make-Up! I've had this for a very long time but still love it!H&M Lipgloss LIP in colour London Mist
Surprisingly good quality! Not gonna lie, I bought this because of the name but it's actually a very nice, subtle colour! Super shiny, which makes my lips look super full! I have found myself reaching for this product a lot lately!KIKO Smooth Temptation lipstick in colour 04
Perfect for the 'no make-up make-up look' that I love for spring! Very rosy colour that accentuates your blush!LUSHRose Lollipop lip balm (also featured in this post)
I absolutely love the smell of this but also how it makes my lips feel! It's just perfect!

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A peak inside my Spring Wardrobe!

Today I just wanted to show you some bits and bobs that I've been reaching for a lot this Spring! This is also the first post on my new category 'Fashion' ! Hope you enjoy!
Scarf... Floral, Lace, Stripes, bright colours- perfect for spring!
Bought at: Street One

 Blouse... super comfortable and easy to style!
Bought at: H&M

very versatile- I wore it with jeans and a white blouse as well as a blue cocktail dress!
Bought at: Primark

Super Cute! Just as the one above, this bag is very versatile! 
Bought at: C&A

What's your go-to item in Spring? Tell me in the comments below!



Beauty Blogger Tag!

So I was tagged to do the Beauty Blogger Tag byKate&Elle and here it is!

1. Favourite drugstore beauty brand?

essence, their concealer is my life saver!

2. Favourite high end beauty brand?

KIKO, since their products aresuper affordable and have great quality!

3. If you could buy any clothes store, which one would you buy?

Topshop, becuase honestly- I would die for their pajama range...

4. Clothes shopping or makeup shopping?

mmmh... difficult...I think I'm going to choose clothes though...

5. If you could only wear one makeup item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

essence stay all day concealer because I assume clear skin will never be out of trend!

6. Lush or Bath and Body works?

Lush! *sings Zara Larssons Lush Life*

7. Reading blogs or watching YouTube?

Depends on what mood I'm in!

8. Netflix or YouTube?


9. What is your favourite type of hat?

I'm going to go with the classic beanie or my black fedora hat ;)

10. Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?

Harry Potter because …