How I conceal my acne scars...

Hello Mermaids!🐟

Since it's getting warmer, my skin is recovering from the tolls winter ❄ has taken and it's breaking out less recently. Overall I'm quite happy with my skin at the moment, in most areas of my face it is acne-free. 👧
However, I do have quite a few acne scars on both of my cheeks and some on my skin due to hormonal break outs. They are fading, but dark spots are still visible.
I don't consider myself a beauty blogger, although 'beauty' is one of the topics I talk about on my blog, simply because I like it but I'm not a professional whatsoever.
In February I decided to skip foundation which is probably why my skin has gotten so much better.
For my everyday make-up I do a VERY minimalistic routine (because I ain't getting up earlier just to contour 🛏) and I found that it actually looks better than using foundation, concealer and whatnot.


I start off by using my favourite moisturiser L'oreal Paris Skin Perfection to prep my skin and wait until it's fully absorbed.

Then I apply the Alverde colour corrector all over my problem areas - cheeks, chin and a little bit on the centre of my forehead as it tends to naturally be quite red. 🌳

At this point I literally look like an alien 👽, but continue doing my brows and eyes 👀. Then I go in with the essence Stay All Day 16h Concealer to cover up the green areas. This is my favourite part of the whole routine as it looks like you are erasing all your acne scars. (unfortunately, this ain't happening)

To make my look last the whole day I apply the essence all about matt compact powder...


I dab the colour corrector onto my skin quite carefully while lightly blending it out with my fingers. I apply the concealer in stripes on the green areas and work it into my skin with gentle circular motions. Nothing special. Just don't apply the colour corrector with a brush.


This is gonna be really embarrassing now- but I've been using a very cheap Claire's foundation brush which is actually taped in the middle. I find it works better that any other brush I've tried so far, even the real technique ones! For powder I use a very soft kabuki brush from The Body Shop.

...and tadaaaaaaaa!!  🌟

What's your go-to product for covering acne scars?
Thanks for reading! I'd be super happy if you left a comment down below!

Lots of Love and alien kisses,

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