Summer Scents 2017

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If there's one thing that I can't miss in the morning it's tea  and a scent  to go with my mood. I feel like I've subconsciously categorised my fragrances in spring/summer/autumn/winter and summer is always the time where I get out my fresh scents that remind me of sunshine and the beach. I've stocked up this year's summer scents and I'm going to share them with you down below!

Betty Barclay - Tender Blossom
 I would be lying if I said I bought this simply because of the scent. Nope, I looove the packaging! Although I didn't incorporate the box it came in in the picture since it would've destroyed the colour scheme of my flat lay (#bloggerproblems)but it honestly is sooo lovely!
The scent itself doesn't disappoint as well. Contrary to the ck One fragrance, this one is much more on the feminine side and it reminds me of french ladies sipping coffee in a café somewhere in Nice having their life totally sorted out. I'm neither of that and if I sip coffee, then you've probably caught me trying to study for an exam and chances are that I won't look ANYTHING like a pretty french lady. (More like a potato in jeans...on good days)
The bow on the lid is also really adorable. In a nutshell-this fragrance really is GOALS.
ck One- Calvin Klein
 This one is such a timeless scent. To be honest-I bought this one because my mum always wears it and it reminds me of home. Since my family lives in Austria and I live in London right now, I sometimes get mum-sick. (Is that even a word?!)
Nevertheless, I absolutely love it's fresh scent. It's not necessarily feminine-I would actually describe it as a unisex scent and that might even be the reason why I love it so much. Now that it's May I've gotten sick of sweet, flower-y scents and this is super refreshing and calming.
Although it's long-lasting, the scent is not overpowering but you know it's there. I absolutely hate when people put on a ton of perfume and you can literally taste it when sitting next to them on the bus so I always make sure I'm not that person.
Just as the fragrance itself, the packaging suits the scent. Minimalistic,classic,elegant.
Betty Barclay - pure pastel lemon
Yep- a second Betty Barclay fragrance bottle went into my shopping cart. That might be because Queen B (haha pun!) is absolutely SLAYING it this season!
This one is a little bit more unusual I'd say, more on the musky side but the lemon freshens it up and gives it a feminine touch. If you like the smell of lemons, then you'll absolutely love this! Just to warn you: Some people claim that this smells like air refresher that you put into your bathroom when guests come over (these people are my boyfriend) but I must admit - I'm a fan! Once again, super cute packaging and super summery!

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  1. CK ONE is one of my all time favourites and I dont wear it as much as I should. Gonna have to have a rummage and find it now!! 💛

    1. My mum and a lot of my friends wear it too so they made me get it and I'm obsessed with it lately! xx

  2. Oh what a lovely collection! I tend to wear the same fragrances all year long, so I don't have a summer collection. I love CK One though

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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