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Catrice Haul!

I recently picked up some products from the Catrice section in my local drugstore and just wanted to let you know what I've got. It's only four items actually, so it's more of a teeny tiny haul, but anyway!
The first thing I picked up was this pretty glitter nail polish. I don't know whether '62 must have STEEL-etto' stands for a collection or the name of the product, but other than that I really like this one. Although it is a lilac colour I feel like it goes with everything! You can wear it for day time or at night when you feel like going out since it fits both! It also dries quite quickly!
My friend Lani got me this one actually. I recently ran out of my Look powder and when she called me if I needed anything from Superdrug I just told her to get the lightest powder she can find since I'm very pale and that is what she did! I'm usually just switching between the LOOK and essence ones but I've found myself really enjoying that one recently!
The …

January Playlist 2016

Today I decided to share my favourite songs I've been listening to this January which I absolutely love. Just to warn you, I got a weird taste in music! ;)

Love Yourself-Justin Bieber (Never really liked JB, was more of a 1D girl, but I really enjoy listening to his new album!)Ex's and Oh's (Ohhhh my god this is by far my favourite this month!!!)Sing-My Chemical Romance (My boyfriend put this on while we were driving home from Yorkshire and I loved it!)Lightning Bold-Jake Bugg (This used to be my favourite a long time ago and I'm glad I re-discovered it!Hold my hand-Jess Glynne (Since July, this song has been on every playlist of mine!)Sugar-Maroon 5 (Also an 'old' favourite. It recently came on on the radio and now I'm really into it again!)History-One Direction (Looove this one, it makes me smile and makes me want to jump around on a pub's table ;))Hey Mama-David Guetta (This song instantly turns me into a little Badass and makes me want to be part of…

DIY Shower Gel in 10 easy steps!

In a previous post I talked about my favourite book called The Glow, which features a huge number of DIY skin care without any toxins that are usually in products you buy in normal drugstores. So far I've already tried out quite a few recipes, one of them a self-made shower gel which I want to talk about in this post!

Ingredients for 200ml
herb stock (I'll explain that later) or 120ml Herb Hydrolate75ml Plantapon or Tenside  (use a little more if you want it extra foamy!) 1 tsp citron1/4 tsp xanthan gum(Optionall) 10 drops of essential oil, I used lemon How to:  The Herb Stock: Bring 120ml water to boil and add one handful of herbs (I chose sage and rosemary, but next time I really want to try mint!)Allow to infuse for 10 minutesSieve the herbs and let your stock cool downMix stock with 20ml high-proof alcohol ( eg. Wodka)The Shower Gel: Bring stock to boil once again and mix with citronmix with xanthan gum, churn it really well (eg.with milk frother) until it feels like a prope…

Lush Haul!

I recently went out on a little shopping spree with my boyfriend's sisters and we stopped by at Lush, which is that kind of shop I just can't resist to go in. I picked up a few items, since they had 50% off their Christmas collection! 

This bath bomb is called Stardust Star Bomb, since it makes your water all glittery and blue-tinted. I personally don't think it's that Christmassy (except for the shape of course) that's why I picked it up. It has a really pleasant smell, kind of vanilla-ish, musky, and basically how it smells inside of lush which I think is perfect for a candle-light pamper evening! I loved how it made my skin feel super smooth afterwards!

 I picked up this Lip Balm, since they're my boyfriend's sisters' favourite Lip Balms, so we took one each and got 10% off which really is a nice deal from the lovely cashier at Lush. This one is super subtle but moisturises very well, therefore it's perfect for Uni!
This might be my favourite th…

A Year In Review

2015 surely has been a very interesting year. In September I published this blog here via blogger instead of tumblr which gained me a lot of new lovely readers and I'm forever thankful for getting in touch with so many of you! Due to The Part Time Mermaid I got a lot of great opportunities as well which you might find out about very soon! Besides the blogging hurly burly, I didn't really rest on my laurels as well. Uni turned out to be suuuper busy this year and got me sitting in front of my text books all day and all night. (*Hums along to One Direction's One Thing*) I'm sure it'll pay off in the end though! I think I also mentioned that me and my boyfriend moved into our new house in December  and three floors definitely take more time to clean than one room and a teeny tiny bath.
Other than that, 2015 was also filled with so many beautiful memories, opportunities and new friendships and I'm forever grateful for those who made it all possible and stood by my…