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5 things I was taught at Drama Classes

Hi there mermaids!

I'm back with a new post! Some of you might know that I've been studying Drama at University for three years now and I've had an amazing time! Unfortunately this whirlwind journey is coming to an end very soon since I'll be graduating this summer!  One thing that comes with choosing to study Drama are the very annoying opinions of not-so-loved distant relatives and "friends" that predict your apparently horrible future as a homeless person because "how can you be so stupid to study something if you won't get a job afterwards anyway?" Although I've always been one who believes in the things she loves and is ready to defend her dreams no matter what, it still leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling to know you're not supported all the way.  Luckily, my close family always has my back and with their help I was able to study what I love so dearly.  Whenever people ask me what I've actually learnt or what I'm goin…

Summer Scents 2017

Hi mermaids! 🐟

If there's one thing that I can't miss in the morning it's tea  and a scent  to go with my mood. I feel like I've subconsciously categorised my fragrances in spring/summer/autumn/winter and summer is always the time where I get out my fresh scents that remind me of sunshine and the beach. I've stocked up this year's summer scents and I'm going to share them with you down below!

 I would be lying if I said I bought this simply because of the scent. Nope, I looove the packaging! Although I didn't incorporate the box it came in in the picture since it would've destroyed the colour scheme of my flat lay (#bloggerproblems)but it honestly is sooo lovely!
The scent itself doesn't disappoint as well. Contrary to the ck One fragrance, this one is much more on the feminine side and it reminds me of french ladies sipping coffee in a café somewhere in Nice having their life totally sorted out. I'm neither of that and if I sip coffee, t…