5 things I was taught at Drama Classes

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I'm back with a new post! Some of you might know that I've been studying Drama at University for three years now and I've had an amazing time! Unfortunately this whirlwind journey is coming to an end very soon since I'll be graduating this summer! 
One thing that comes with choosing to study Drama are the very annoying opinions of not-so-loved distant relatives and "friends" that predict your apparently horrible future as a homeless person because "how can you be so stupid to study something if you won't get a job afterwards anyway?" Although I've always been one who believes in the things she loves and is ready to defend her dreams no matter what, it still leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling to know you're not supported all the way. 
Luckily, my close family always has my back and with their help I was able to study what I love so dearly. 
Whenever people ask me what I've actually learnt or what I'm going to do if I can't find a job , I tell them that no other job could ever enable me to be the person I am today than studying Drama did. 
Here's why.


As someone who used to suffer from social anxiety quite badly I can safely say that acting is the best therapy. You learn very quickly that you have to be confident in order to reach things. You've got to make people believe that you're the one that's got what it takes. One quote that is very close to my heart goes like this: "Fake it 'til you make it" . Sounds familiar, eh? I thought so, but have you ever actually tried it? Once you start faking to be confident others will take you seriously too and so  many doors will suddenly open! 

2. Ananas

Ananas is the German word for pineapple and if you whisper it in someones ear who's about to sneeze - well they won't sneeze.My drama teacher in high school taught me this and I think he would be pretty chuffed to know that drama students in the UK are using his trick now too. (You're famous Herbert! )
PS: pressing your tongue firmly on the roof of your mouth works fine too, because you can't just scream Ananas during a play backstage. 

3.  A falsetto won't get you far

Unless you're a music student. Then it might. But imagine getting robbed in a dark alley. A high pitched scream probably won't scare the bad guys off - A loud, strong and deep "Back Off" coming from the depth of your stomach is certainly more effective. Now let's change into a more modest setting - Imagine asking for promotion. A firm and steady voice will sound a lot more convincing than a high-pitched "pweeese". Even if the words are the same. On stage you learn to speak "out of your tummy" very quickly. It's louder, clearer and doesn't irritate your vocal chords.

4. Stand up for yourself

Unless you're already a Hollywood actor/actress , the chances of someone offering you a role are very...small. So if you think you are the one who can do it best- get the role. Don't worry if you already have a lot more lines than other contestants. First come first serve. Don't be so humble! 

5. Nerves of steel

Betsy forgot her costume at home, Brad still can't get his lines right, your throat is sore and you don't know for how much longer your vocal chords will cooperate. In just one hour all those problems could be solved but the show is about to start. No turning back now. Handling the craziest problems backstage will also enable you to do the same thing in everyday life. ( I remember one time a guy stuck a chap stick up his butt and we had to perform the anal birth of a chap stick in 18th century dresses while Cody and Bree announced their unconditional love for each other on stage just one metre away behind a curtain. 

Whoops that post turned out to be a long one...
Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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