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Italy Make Up Haul!

Hello fellow Mermaids!

If you've been following me on Twitter for a while, you'll most likely know that I've been to Italy for two weeks with my boyfriend and our 2 best friends. (Travel Diary soon to follow, stay tuned!! :) ) Of course me and my friend Lani did a lot of shopping, since almost all stores in Italy had their products on sale for at least -30% going down to UNBELIEVABLE -90% (!!!) I have never in my life seen a store in London or in Austria give away their products (That were all in good condition and styles from Spring/Summer 2016) for so little money, so obviously we shamelessly indulged in the Motto of "Shop until you Drop!" I thought about doing a Clothing Haul on here as well but to be honest it would probably take ages just to take decent photos, let alone caption and link them all. So I decided to settle for a good old Make Up Haul with manageable 6 items.

The first I picked out is an eyeshadow from a store called PUPA Milano, a brand I have…

Cooking French!

Hello fellow mermaids!
I decided to do a collaboration with May from A Girl Like You and since I am Austrian and she is French we thought doing something that involves our Cultures would be fun for us to do and interesting to read! We both like cooking therefore we invented a three-course-dinner for each other with typical recipes for our countries we have to cook! 

(Image coming soon)
The Main Menu was a French Vegetable and Veal Ragout served with rice. I really liked the taste of it, I however skipped the last step of adding cream and egg yolk since I'm not comfortable with eating raw eggs due to the Salmonella dangers. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Go over to May's blog once you finished mine, I'm really excited to read it too! If you're a blogger too and want to collaborate with me, please contact me either via twitter @Julia_Walker Ofc or via mail:
xx Julia

What's in my wardrobe: Bikini Edition

Thought I'd share some of my favourite Bikinis with you today, since I love swimming and spending time on the beach :) Maybe you find a few pieces that you like and decide to get them! (I added where to get them in the caption of the picture)
Please comment below if you like these What's in my wardrobe posts because if you do I'll turn them into a series! Thanks for reading and sticking with me, 
xx Julia xx

Luscious Lace: Farfetch Lingerie!

You might know that I like to save money whenever possible, however this does not apply to Lingerie. I feel like it is really important to spend a little more and get better support for something you wear on a daily basis. This year, Lingerie has slowly made it's way from underneath our clothes to the surface and items such as Bralettes, lacey bodies and even panties set the trend for the summer. I love me a cute Bralette, especially now when it's hot out there you need the appropriate attire! Farfetch's new Lingerie Collection has got you covered with whatever you desire! I spend quite a few pounds on some sexy items yesterday but it's totally worth it! 

In the image above I created an outfit which is all about Lingerie. If styled well, underwear can be worn shamelessly and set a fashion statement! I decided to choose black and light pink as  the main colour scheme because for me those colours are sexy but also elegant, especially worn together with the luxurious high …