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About Me...

21 y/o Austrian currently studying English Literature and Drama at Queen Mary University in London, whose passion it is to blog about her favourite things in life such as Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Food. 

I try to spread positivity and attempt everyday to make this world a brighter place. I live in a terraced house with a tiny garden together with my fiancée.

Pugs are my spirit animals and tea is my magic potion that gives me energy everyday. :)

If you're also a happy little daisy out there that enjoys the things I blog about, join me on this whirlwind journey I am on while chatting about things I love! <3


Why do you sometimes soundlike English isn't your mother tongue?

Because it isn't. I'm from Austria and started learning English at age 10. Although I've been living in London for 2 and half years now I occassionally make grammar mistakes. Oops! don't look like 21??

Yupp, guess I don't. I've always been very petite and people generally…

KIKO Haul!

Hello beauties!
As school starts tomorrow and the stress will start again, me, my mum and a friend spent the weekend in Trieste/Italy to unwind for a few days more. Fortunately, our hotel was right next to Zara, Mac and KIKO. What a coincidence…
I personally have never heard of this brand let alone seen it in London, therefore I had no idea of how great this is! They also had a huge sale department of eye shadows and almost all nail polishes! Oh eem geeeh, I know right?!

The first thing I picked up were this two lovely eyeshadows, which were at the clearance sale department and I am SO eager to try them out!

This beauty is very similar to the Catrice one I showed you in my last post, maybe a little bit more purpley. It’s in colour 233 and part of the Infinity range.

How gorgeous is thiiiiiiis one???? I imagine it going with literally everything, you could do a smokey eye, subtle with brown, autumnal with copper, fancy with pink… just woah! This one is in colour 238 and part of…

Drama School: What to expect

Hi peeps!
Next week, school is about to start for me again, so I thought I’d tell you a bit about what to expect when studying Drama, may it be at University or at High School as I think it’s helpful if you’re thinking about going towards that direction. Obviously, every school is different, but must be the same at some point I guess!

The most important thing to bring with you is a nice attitude. Teachers usually look for someone very positive who’s willing to learn new things, be talkative and socialise a lot. If you are open to new things, have a strong will and like chatting to others in your class you can’t go wrong!They don’t expect you to be an A+ Hollywood actor. But at least try out everything they want you to do. Drama/Acting is not the easy class as it appears to some. They want you to fight, they’ll test your boundaries. Don’t show weakness. I remember my teacher at Uni playing a game with us. We had to touch as many buttcheeks as possible in 5 minutes. Weird …

Autumnal Make-up

Hi there!
As the weather’s getting colder and the leaves are changing colour, it’s time to breathe new life into our make up bags! I just wanted to share some bits and bobs with you I’ve found myself using a lot at this time of the year concerning make up!

My by far favourite product this autumn is probably this eye candy (Hahaha get the joke? No, not funny? Nope. Okay.) by Catrice in colour 570 Plum up the jam. I’ve had this since a year now but never really used it, I found it wasn’t very nice to apply, I didn’t like the colour and in general was very disappointed in such a good brand. My problem was that I didn’t use it in the right way and- due to the lovely plum shade- looked like someone punched me in the eye. Now that I know how to do make up (or at least pretend to do so) I fell in love with this product. It’s a GORGEOUS shade that really accentuates green eyes but I also imagine it must look beautiful with all colours since I find that purpley shades are very ver…

Autumnal Make Up Inspiration and One Big Apology…

Hi fellow Mermaids! This post is going to start with one big fat apology, as the title already gives away. I apologise not only for the lack of post for such a long time, but also for the not so little disappointment yesterday. After I tweeted that I would post that day, I got so many messages from you, telling me how excited you were for finally getting a new post to read and it made me feel so warm inside that I had extra motivation to upload and make the post extra special. Suddenly my Laptop started acting very weirdly, was super slow and then all of a sudden crashed. I was so dissapointed and angry since all my work wasn’t saved before. I spent a lot of time and effort for literally nothing. But what was especially important for me, was to immediately set things clear, I didn’t want you to think I just didn’t care to upload or whatever, howerver many of you were angry and disappointed and I really don’t take offence at that, I can understand that totally. But here …

Autumnal Carrot&Apple Muffins!


Autumn is finally here! I know I know- September has just started which doesn’t automatically mean Autumn has as well, buuuuut as crisps mornings, frosty evenings and pumpkin spiced everything is now in the country, for me Autumn is as well. (Also, the stores bringing out Fall Decoration and Fashion is a reasonable explanation for Autumn’s arrival!)
A few days ago I found a recipe on Pinterest while being stuck on a stuffy- aired London tube, which I reaaaaally wanted to try out. Luckily, I had all the ingredients at home, so I could start off right away!

These very autumnal muffins turned out better than I thought, they tasted super amazing and even my friend Phil, who refuses to eat anything ‘unmanly’ and ‘veggo’ was surprised by how delicious they tasted, therefore I thought I’d share it with you!

(Recipe originally found on Pinterest by Wine & Glue )
Ingredients & Instructions
Before you start swinging your whisk, preheat oven to 350°F/175°C
Mix together: 1 ½…