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Affordable Hair Care? Yes please!

I used to have quite healthy hair, until I started dyeing it. Since then it has always been a struggle to keep it healthy. Right now my hair is in a normal state, I'd say- not super healthy, not overly damaged.
 Since I'm a student, I have a quite low budget and it's not easy to find affordable products that really do something for your hair. To spare you the quest I decided to write down my Hair Care Routine and some facts about my hair!

I first dyed my hair at 15- a pink dip dyeMy natural hair colour is blonde and I bleached the tips for a cute ombre look!I wash my hair every second, somethimes third dayI blow dry my hair only in Autumn and Winter
Step 1:

Product: Garnier Fructis strenghtening and structuring shampoo "Stop Agressions"
Price: about 2£
Application: Massage into wet hair and rinse.

Step 2:

Product: Ombia Hair Xpert Repair Complex
Price: about 3£
Application: Massage into wet hair (squeeze the water out before), leave in for about 3 minutes and rinse.

Step …

Easy Last- Minute Halloween Nail Art!

If there's one thing I'm terrible at (except Math) it is nail art. I'm usually quite good at crafts and art and that stuff, but as soon as a nail polish brush is in my hand instead of a paint brush my hand starts to tremble and I end up messing up my whole nails. I mean- I can manage to apply nail polish. However, adding dots is already a too difficult task for me to undertake.

BUT- I discovered a very sly trick! (Inserts mischievously smirking emoji)
And that trick iiiiis... Permanent Marker! You can get them in various colours and sizes, making Nail Art SO much easier.

What you'll need...
Orange Nail Polish (Mine was the KIKO quick dry No 14)A Fine- tipped Permanent markerTop Coat to save your design and add shine (ESSIE all in one base)Paint your nails using the Orange Nail Polish, then wait until they've completely dried.Now it's time to create the spiders web. Look up a picture on the internet if you're not sure how to draw the structure of one.Put th…

Disclaimer and PR

All of the opinions written on this blog are completely honest and my own. If I have received an item from a company, this will be stated clearly with a (*). I only ever feature items/products that I would actually buy with my own money.
I am a PR friendly blog, and I love the opportunity to collaborate with companies. If you're interested, don't hesitate to drop me an email at: or for a quicker reply contact me on twitter:


Fresh Make-up For The Broke Ones

I personally find it quite hard to look fresh and awake on mornings, especially in Autumn and Winter. Don't get me wrong, I love Autumn, but getting up at 6 every moring is a struggle for me really, not gonna lie. I'd rather cuddle up under warm blankets and snooze for another few hours instead of getting dressed at stupid o'clock and jumping right into the crowded London tubes. One way or another, there's no escape.
Recently I played a little with my make up and tried to achieve a fresh look to cover up my sleepiness. I then came up with this super simple look that really makes you look awake! (And also as if you'd have control over your chaos life)

I went on Pinterest to search for a similar picture, becuase I don't feel comfortable enough to show my face to everyone on the internet.(Sozzzzz)

This look doesn't only make you look pulled together but also saves a lot of time in the mornig!
(and money, if you use the same products as me)

What you'll nee…