Autumnal Make-up

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As the weather’s getting colder and the leaves are changing colour, it’s time to breathe new life into our make up bags! I just wanted to share some bits and bobs with you I’ve found myself using a lot at this time of the year concerning make up!

My by far favourite product this autumn is probably this eye candy (Hahaha get the joke? No, not funny? Nope. Okay.) by Catrice in colour 570 Plum up the jam. I’ve had this since a year now but never really used it, I found it wasn’t very nice to apply, I didn’t like the colour and in general was very disappointed in such a good brand. My problem was that I didn’t use it in the right way and- due to the lovely plum shade- looked like someone punched me in the eye. Now that I know how to do make up (or at least pretend to do so) I fell in love with this product. It’s a GORGEOUS shade that really accentuates green eyes but I also imagine it must look beautiful with all colours since I find that purpley shades are very versatile and go with almost everything. I imagine it looking absolutely stunning paired with a bright pink/purple shade for a more fancy or daring look as well!
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Some of you might know that I am veeeery picky when it comes to all things covering my blemishes. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but still want good quality, I don’t want them to make my face look cakey, but still have high coverage,…. The list goes on and on. That’s why I’ve been sticking to the LOOK all day long concealer for EVER! I still think it’s a good concealer, but I always found that it doesn’t last very long content wise. I needed to head to the shops all the time just for that damn concealer. Not anymore, since I’ve found my new love! The stay all day 16h concealer might even work better as I find it has higher coverage, is easier to apply and probably lasts me a while longer. I am using it in the shade 10 natural beige and am absolutely satisfied! (It’s also a cheaper alternative to Rimmel Wake me up!)
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I’ve already mentioned this lipstick in a previos post, but I decided to show it to you again because I love it sooo much and also because this is what I’ve beeen using on my lips mostly recently. It’s a nice nude colour which I am eager to wear in school. It really brings out your natural lip colour, accentuates but isn’t to fancy for school or work. This is in colour 06 Barely there and a ‘must’ in your autumn make up bag.
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I am a massive fan of essence products, I love how affordabe they are but still offer amazing quality. I especially love their mascaras because I really see no difference to ‘better’ brands like Maybelinne or Benefit. Oops. This one really boosts the volume and doesns’t clump at all! (And the wrapping is suuuper autumnal!!!)
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Yep. Still sticking to this one. I couldn’t just not blog about this one. One of my all time faves, you should definitely give it a try!
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Long story short- essence nail polishes are the best. Especially these colours:
from left to right/ Klick to purchase:
essence colour&go: 113 do you speak love? (similar)
essence the gel nail: 37 serendipity
essence nude glam: 05 cafe’ ole’ (similar)

Also check out:

Primark PS Baked wet&dry eyeshadow in colour 14 dark brown

LOOK by BIPA in colour 8 Greysh (similar)

LOOK by BIPA in colour 2 Black

Do you have any autumn favourites? Share them with us!
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