Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey! My Morning Routine.

In my opinion, how you spend your morning can have a huge impact on how the rest of your day is going. So I decided to transform a super popular video on youtube in a blog post!

I'm not exactly a morning person and on weekends I love to stay in bed until midday, therefore I force myself to get up super early on week days, otherwise I feel like I'm unproductive and lazy. My alarm usually goes off at 5:45 am but I only ever manage to get out of bed at 6. Those extra 15 minutes in bed really help me to wake up though and are usually spent cuddling with my boyfriend or scrolling through social media if he hasn't woken up yet.

Then I make my way downstairs to my kitchen to make myself some breakfast. I'm not very hungry that early in the morning, so most mornings I go for a casual cup of tea with some granola or a toast with some avocado mash- which I've especially been enjoying since it's getting warmer outside! Depending on the weather I either eat outside on our back porch or I get cosy on the sofa and switch on the news. I'm not sure how much information my brain can process that early in the morning but it makes me feel like a responsible adult. I like to take my time for breakfast- at least 30 minutes since I'm a very slow eater.

After I'm full and awake I make my way upstairs again and jump into the shower. I never wash my hair in the morning since it takes ages to blow-dry, but I like the refreshing and awakening feeling of a morning shower! Then I just get the boring but important stuff like brushing my teeth and skin care done, before I put on the clothes I've picked out the night before. This saves so much time in the morning and I don't wake my boyfriend up by rummaging around my wardrobe drawers.

Next step is my favourite: make-up!  Although I avoid putting on much, I just cover up my blemishes and get my eyebrows done, I love doing this! At that time the first sun rays start to shine through the window, under which I've placed my vanity and I love that!

At about 7:20 I leave the house and drive to University by bike, which is luckily only about 15 minutes away from where we live. In case it's raining I take the bus and enjoy a smoothie on the way which I've made before!

What do you do after you wake up? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading,

Julia xx


  1. I loved this post x
    I have found that now it is sunnier, I find it a lot easier to wake up!
    Elle xxx

  2. I'm an early-riser too haha! Loved this post so much xx
    Morgan | www.justmorgs.com

  3. This was such a lovely post,and although i'm an early bird that seems very early in the morning! I'm never that hungry in the mornings and always struggle with that I should eat! Decisions, decisions!
    Lots of love, Jane
    Marble and Rose

    1. I grew up in Austria where it's normal for school to start around 7, so I guess I'm just used to getting up that early! Whenever I don't feel hungry in the mornings I settle for fruits or something light! xx

  4. oh soo yummy :)
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  5. Love this post, my routine is quite the same, but I'm weirdo who likes to get up early in that why I feel like I used most of my day.

    https://dzaniica.blogspot.ba/ xx


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