Autumnal Make Up Inspiration and One Big Apology…

Hi fellow Mermaids!

This post is going to start with one big fat apology, as the title already gives away. I apologise not only for the lack of post for such a long time, but also for the not so little disappointment yesterday. After I tweeted that I would post that day, I got so many messages from you, telling me how excited you were for finally getting a new post to read and it made me feel so warm inside that I had extra motivation to upload and make the post extra special. Suddenly my Laptop started acting very weirdly, was super slow and then all of a sudden crashed. I was so dissapointed and angry since all my work wasn’t saved before. I spent a lot of time and effort for literally nothing. But what was especially important for me, was to immediately set things clear, I didn’t want you to think I just didn’t care to upload or whatever, howerver many of you were angry and disappointed and I really don’t take offence at that, I can understand that totally. But here I am, about to present you my favourite Eye Make Up for the Fall season, saving as a draft every 5 minutes haha…

I found this picture on pinterest and it was originally pinned by                                                                                           

I used her picture mainly because I don’t feel comfortable posting my face on the internet yet, I hope that’s okay for you :) (and also because I was able to recreate this look almost flawlessly. Although I didn’t wake up like dis.)                                            

Products used:
Inner corner: NUDES Eyeshadow Pallete by H&M Colour #2 Champagne
Center of lid: ESSENCE sun club glamour to go Eyeshadow pallete the golden one under the pink one
Outer corner and lower lashline: PS Baked Wet&Dry Eyeshadow Colour #14 Dark Brown
Upper lashline and waterline: b.pretty Kajal in #2
Lashes: Black Mistery Volume Mascara in carbon black by LOOKbyBIPA

How to:
  • Apply a golden shade generously on your whole lid and a tiny bit along your waterline, as shown in the picture above
  • Apply light silver/champagne coulour on the inner corner of your eyes and make sure to blend them in well with your gold eyeshadow
  • To give the look the right edge, blend in your dark brown shadow in the outer corner of your lid and the outer corner of your lashline. To make the whole look more fluent, use a clean brush to blend in everything if you haven’t done it properly before
  • Do some fancy but subtle catflick along your upper lashline and apply a sublte, brown Kajal along your lower lashline.
  • Finish this autumnal Make up by applying some Mascara and make your eyes POP!

Good luck recreating this look! If you like to, you can send me your picture or use the hashtag #parttimemermaidmakeup on any social media! I love to see your adaptions!
All the love and another big sorry for yesterday’s shenanigans,


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