Where is the love?

I was out in London with my boyfriend having a romantic picnic at Hyde Park. We felt so happy and so free, just like all of those couples next to us enjoying the sun, the food and each others company. Somehow we received the bad news about a shooting that has apparently happened in the U.S. I went online to find out more about this tragic incident and the further I read the more I wanted to scream out in pain and horror and sadness.
 Seeing those images of innocent young people losing their lives because they openly expressed who they love really affected me. Living in a big city, only surrounding myself with people who tolerate, accept and welcome all sorts of sexualities, skin colours, ethnicities, genders, etc. I simply forgot that we live in a world that can sometimes be so extremely cruel. I took the love my friends and family have been giving me for granted simply because I never experienced someone discriminating me because of who I was.

I am a 20-year-old straight, white, European girl attending an amazing University in London, living in a beautiful 3-storey terraced house with a small garden and a loving boyfriend I get to hang out with every single day. I have gorgeous friends, an amazing family and no worries whatsoever. And I still complain.

I complain about the rain.
I complain about doing that one 50 page essay.
I complain about or neighbours using our parking space.
I complain about my boyfriend not putting his dirty clothes in the hamper.

But what do I really have to worry about?

It's 2016 and people still get abused, assaulted and disadvantaged by their sexuality, their religious believes, their skin colour, their way of life. I don't understand how this is happening right in front of our eyes, while we all look away. How can some people feel so much hatred towards others. Each of us is unique- but in the end we're all equal and have to stick together.

Three days ago a man went out and killed 50 people including himself because he couldn't accept their way of life and who they loved.

Yesterday a police officer and his wife got shot in France leaving behind a three-year-old son.

And we still look away.

 We hear it on the news, think about it for a minute and move on with our perfect lives.
Try to put yourself in the shoes of the parents and friends of the victims in Orlando. Their lives will never be like before.
 Put yourself in the shoes of the three-year-old boy whose parents have been taken away from him forever. He'll never feel the gentle touch of his mother's hands again and when he grows up he won't be able to play football with his dad out in the backyard on a sunny summer day.
Try to imagine how it would feel like if someone entered your life and took away the person you love the most.
Try to imagine how it would have been if you grew up without your real parents.

Try to imagine what it would be like to live without your perfect life. Do you still carry on with your usual routine? I couldn't. That's why I wrote this blog post- not only for you but also for myself.

We need to wake up, get out there and do something. Shortly after the attack happened, hundreds of people were willing to donate their blood to those who were injured during the shooting. Today Columbia and Texas affirmed that Same-Sex Couples can get married. Things like these keep me going and inspire me to dedicate my life to people who need support. Together we can change things!

This song came on on the radio today and I feel like it fits perfectly to the incidents of this week. Because sometimes I really do wonder:

Where is the love?



  1. Thank you for tackling this really difficult topic, it's really good to see bloggers engaging with what's on the news, even if it's not the nicest subject matter. I totally agree that events such as this really show you how lucky you are, and show how important it is to practice acceptance in the world. Your message that together we can change things is very important!

    Abbey 💜 abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Happy that you think about this the same way as me! Even raising awareness can change so much! xx J.

  2. <\3 so many tragic events happen daily due to negativity and unwillingness to accept differences. It's so sad that people are killed just for being themselves. My thoughts go out to the families of those who are affected by incidences such as these. Thank you for addressing such a serious topic.

    Jess x

    1. Thank you for the lovely and thoughtful comment! It's people like you who recognize what's going wrong in this world and choose not to turn a blind eye on such incidents who make a difference! xx


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