Tested: Clothing Store Make Up!

For people like me who can't afford going on a massive shopping spree in Sephora, Make-Up that can be bought in Clothing Stores such as Primark and H&M is quite convenient, however it also has a really bad reputation. I decided to review some items I bought in High Street stores to let you know about the Do's and Don't's in buying Make-Up that doesn't eat up your whole paycheck.

Primark: P.S. Love... Blusher in Coral
Primark: Rose Gold Powder Brush
Primark: P.S. Love... Liquid Eyeliner

First off, I'm going to talk about the Powder Brush I bought at Primark this winter. I was on the hunt for rose gold or copper make-up brushes for a long time and this one looked pretty amazing. Turns out the brush is super soft but doesn't really do its job. The fluffiness of the brush makes it really hard to get product on your face and doesn't really blend Bronzer as well. I found out it works amazing for getting exess powder/bronzer/blusher off your face though and it looks lovely on my vanity!

You can't really see it that well on the picture displayed above, but this Blusher is a subtle coral colour. I'm not really into bright pink cheeks, but this one doesn't blush at all. I could even use it as a powder on my whole face without looking like I've been in the sun for too long.

I don't know if I had bad luck on the eyeliner, but the hairs of the brush are different lenghts wich makes it suuuper hard to get an even wing. I like the product in it, but find it quite unhandy that I always have to use a seperate brush.

Primark: P.S. Nail Polish

This is the only nail polish at Primark and I really love it! It's super easy to apply, there's a whole lot of product in the bottle and- this might sound weird-smells amazing. Definitely worth buying again!

Forever 21: Make Up Brushes (Foundation Brush missing)
Despite owning the classic Real Techniques Brushes, I find myself reaching for these a lot! Especially the eye brow brush/comb and the lip liner (that hasn't been cleaned before being photographed -soz) are really good quality!
Claire's cosmetics: Nail Polish: Pastels

For some reason I feel like nail polish is one of those items in which you don't really have to invest tons of money. I like the colours, however you need to do two to three coats for it to look nice which then takes a lot of time to dry, that's why I don't use them that often.

Claire's: Make Up Brushes
Although I bought these at Claire's, they're pretty much the same as the brushes displayed above. They were super cheap and the foundation brush is my favourite ever! Some might dislike the funny pattern they come in, but I think it's kinda cute!

H&M: Nudes eyeshadow pallette in Nude, Champagne, Soft Gold and Bronze
Primark: P.S. Baked Wet & Dry Eyeshadow in 14- Dark Brown
H&M: Nudes eyeshadow palette in Nude, Champagne, Soft Gold and Bronze

Primark: P.S. Baked Wet & Dry Eyeshadow in 14- Dark Brown
I honestly can't find one single bad thing about those eyeshadows! Especially the Primark one is incredibly pigmented and the H&M ones last ages-you could probably go through a zombie apocalypse and still have copper eyelids. I found that the lightest shade works great as a highlighter as well! Especially when used for accentuating your brow bone!
Claire's: Lipstick in Tropical Coral and Dusky Pink
Mixed feelings about these two. Nicely pigmented and long lasting, however they dry out your lips MASSIVELY.
H&M: lipglosses in Paradise Red, London Mist and Midnight Red

H&M: lipgloss in Paradise Red
This is such a cute colour for a night out in summer. It's not sticky at all and even moisturises your lips a little!
H&M: lipgloss in Midnight Red
I remember using this product two months in a row last Autumn because OH MY it is scented (watermelon) and the colour is soooo incredible! Don't expect it to turn out matte, it is supposed to be a lipgloss- but I love it!
H&M: lipgloss in London Mist
Love using this product over some purple Liquid Lipstick! Not gonna lie- only bought this because of the name but it smells like vanilla ice cream, adds a nice shine to your lips BUT is quite sticky.

Primark: Two in One Foundation and Concealer Brush
Primark: Two in One Foundation and Concealer Brush
Unlike the other Primark brush this is amazing and super handy! I love taking this one with me on Holidays since its two ends can be used for multiple products! It also gets enough product on your face and blends nicely!

Hope you like this post! If you did leave a lovely comment below!

What's your experience with Clothing Store Make Up? Tell me and the other readers!

xx J.


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