Spring Make-up essentials

Products featured:

  • MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Eyeshadow No. 206
    Subtle pink eyeshadow, perfect for a fresh Spring Make-Up! I've had this for a very long time but still love it!
  • H&M Lipgloss LIP in colour London Mist
    Surprisingly good quality! Not gonna lie, I bought this because of the name but it's actually a very nice, subtle colour! Super shiny, which makes my lips look super full! I have found myself reaching for this product a lot lately!
  • KIKO Smooth Temptation lipstick in colour 04
    Perfect for the 'no make-up make-up look' that I love for spring! Very rosy colour that accentuates your blush!
  • LUSH Rose Lollipop lip balm (also featured in this post)
    I absolutely love the smell of this but also how it makes my lips feel! It's just perfect!

Thanks for reading! What are your favourite products at the moment? Tell me in the comment section below! I also made an Instagram recently, so maybe give me a follow?




  1. I absoluteley love the Lush Lip Balms! x

    1. Me too! Thanks for the lovely comment Morgs! xx


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