What I wore on my first day of University!

Hi there fellow mermaids!

Yaaay I'm back! and so is University/School/whatever ! I'm so excited to finally blog again, I've got tons of ideas, new motivation and *drum roll* if everything goes all right a new template for The Part-Time Mermaid soon! There have been a few technical issues on here lately, which is partly mine, partly Bloggers and partly my template's fault. Hopefully now everything's back to normal and you can enjoy a lovely bug-free blog! 

You might wonder why I haven't blogged in such a long time. Long story short- I was feeling terribly mental illness- wise. I really don't want to get into it right now because it's all really emoshhh but don't worry I'll make a seperate post on that. For you nosy people out there and also to kind of apologise to y'all. I might not have an audience as big as Zoella's or Louise Pentlands, but it still felt to me like I let my readers down. Anywayyys let's get back to the fun stuff.

I'll be going back to University on September 12th, and one part of me is excited- after all this is the University I dreamt of getting in since the age of 16 and I'm doing what I love, BUT going back to Uni (and stress, exams, moody professors,...) also makes me sad that summer is over. Plus- there's this part of me wondering and worrying about certain things... Will there be enough toilet paper unlike last year? Do I have to rob the piggy bank in order to pay for my textbooks? How am I supposted to stay alive with only 8 hours of sleep? ...Yep I'll admit it I'm a bit overly dramatic. But it's that time of the year where sleeping for a week turns into sleep is for the week and I turn into a living alien, scuffing through the hallways trying to stay awake with my gigantic green tea mug, enviously staring at my friends holding Coffee Ventis wondering how they're able to get this gross brown stuff down their throats...


Note to scientists: Invent coffee that tastes like tea!

Additionally society expects me to turn up at 8am dressed in "appropriate clothes". Why can't we all agree that sweat pants and oversized pajama tops are perfectly fine for Uni? *inserts desperate looking emoji* 

Welp. Fine. I'm gonna squeeze in skin tight jeans, have to make the effort to put on a bra and do my make up just to please whoever invented this non existable but still very much there dress code. 

Am I going to spend a sh*t load of money on new clothes? HAHAHA I would if only it wasn't for textbooks. Goodbye Gucci hello Primark! 

What I wore on the first day of Uni:


Black high-waisted skinny jeans: H&M
Mustard Flutter Cami: Primark
Black sandals: Primark
Black bag: Primark
Bee necklace: Forever 21
Gem studs: H&M
Aviators: H&M
Cardigan: H&M


 QOTD: Does your school/University/... have a certain dresscode? If yes- do you like it/ if no- would you like to have one? 

Hope you liked this post and didn't take it all too seriously, obviously I am very glad that I can go to University and do not take these things for granted. If you want, leave me a comment down below! xx 



  1. Crazy in love with that bag, it makes me miss Primark 10x more! I'm totally a #CoffeeHater with you too, honestly don't understand how people like the taste of it..


  2. This is such and interesting post i love it! x


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