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Hi there fellow mermaids!

The summer is getting to an end (at least here in the UK) which means holidays are almost over too or already are- depending where you live. I personally start University at 12th September- my senior year!! (Let me know in the comments below which grade you're in and when you start/started school!)

Alright, now let's get to the fun part. For this post I collaborated with Steph from Steph's World and we decided to do a post on Studying Tips (as you might have already guessed by the title haha) but this one's a little different from the ordinary ones. Keep on reading to get some tips from someone who is still in University and someone who has already graduated!

How to take notes the right way and why you should make them look pretty

It doesn't matter if you're still in High School or already in University- taking notes is always important, however if you don't do it properly you'll end up not wanting to study with them. I had this problem in 10th grade with Biology. My teacher practically talked the whole lesson and I tried to scribble every single word down. I ended up not being able to decipher my own handwriting and learning everything I had written down was impossible. Now I've gotten the hang of it.
  1. Make sure to write legibly. 
  2. Consider to start colour coding. Wheter it's highlighting stuff in your textbooks or taking notes. For me, this turned out to be really helpful and with the time I developed my own system. 
  3. Spend some time to make your notes look fun- now I am obviously not talking about spending 20 minutes to colour in the headings or anything- but simply using different colours or simple fonts makes learing so much fun. 

Turning details into stories

I am very aware that this sounds incredibly strange, but every since elementary school this technique is super helpful for remembering stuff more easily. I also use this to remember passwords that only exist of nonsense letters and numbers. We get these for access codes in University all the time and even my friends started using this method. Here's an example:

m5sohms1988bomsb: my five siblings only have money since 1988 because of my sisters birthday. 

Getting quizzed by friends: 

My mum used to always quiz me in elementary school to make sure I studied properly. Now me and my friends quiz each other to find out where we might have to study a bit more.

Studying outside: 

As soon as it gets warm enough outside I try to study there. It's unbelievable how much more effective it is. In summer it's also more fun to sit outside instead of barricading yourself up inside.

Finding out which way of studying works best for you and why you need to know about that


You might have heard about different studying types like auditive, visual or kinesthetic but have you actually tried to test yourself too? If not, you're missing out.

For example, I'm a visual learner, which means it's really effective for me to use flash cards, colours, and infographics, however it's much harder for me to study by listening to an audiobook for example, while this works perfectly forsomeone who is an auditive learner.

There's loads of free online test that work great, for example this one

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It was honestly a pleasure to work with Steph, she's such a lovely person and our collab went down very swiftly. Thanks for that Steph!

What are your studying tips? Let me know down below!

xoxo J.


  1. I love studying outside! Makes me feel so much more at peace and less distracted x
    Morgan |

    1. Me too! Thanks for you lovely comment! :)xx Julia


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