November Baking II: Gingerbread Cookies!

A LOT of stuff has been going on in my life lately, which is super exciting, but I barely spend any time doing relaxing stuff anymore. So when I came home last Wednesday, my boyfriend lead me into our kitchen where he has laid out all sorts of baking supplies, saying "Jay, please bake. Please have some you time, I can't bare to see you all stressed out, worrying about stuff you shouldn't even be thinking about"
That's when I realised that my anxiety has increased a lot lately, my head was exploding because I was over thinking way too much- basically I totally overworked myself and gladly accepted his very kind offer.
I decided to make some Gingerbread Cookies and I'm very pleased
with the results! It took me more than three hours only to decorate them, but I felt so relaxed afterwards plus they tasted absolutely amazing!

Ingredients & co.

Gingerbread dough 
(I bought one from the store, otherwise I'd have ended up with a totally sticky mess aka my kitchen, but if you want to mix it yourself, this one seems to be a cool recipe: )
A lot of flour to avoid the dough sticking to the worktop
cookie cutters
Rolling pin
various stuff for decorating

I then followed the instructions on the dough wrapping...

I hope your cookies turn out amazing as well! Feedback is always welcome. Thank you for reading,

PS: To check out my November Baking I Post, click here: Austrian Vanillekipferl!


  1. yummi!! Yhis seems soooo delicious!!! Maybe I'm gonna try and bake them (:

  2. These look really cute and yummy ♥

  3. These are actually so cute! I love gingerbread but I've never made it before, I'll give your recipe a go!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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