A guide to smart studying

It's currently finals week at my Uni and I barely find myself anywhere else than either the library or on my desk at home. The fact that me and my boyfriend are moving out by November 30th doesn't help either since we're living between cardboard boxes and bags stuffed with all kinds of home wares. If you find yourself in stressful situations as well, good time management is the key. So I decided to put together a little guide on how to study efficiently!

1) Figure out what you have to study and where.

I like to make a plan to organise when to study what- this also avoids procrastination ;)

2)Scan you textbooks, notes, worksheets, etc. in order to filter out the most important information. 

  Don't highlight everything!
Usually, there's a lot of information you won't need- get rid of it.

4)Write a summary on your computer and print it out


I like to divide it into several sections and then add a lot of bullet points to each topic. This way it's easier for your brain to process the information. Just copying sections out of your textbooks won't help you!

5) Get it into your head!

I hope this guide helps some of the fellow victims of endless exams! Thank you for reading and good luck,


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