Easy Last- Minute Halloween Nail Art!

If there's one thing I'm terrible at (except Math) it is nail art. I'm usually quite good at crafts and art and that stuff, but as soon as a nail polish brush is in my hand instead of a paint brush my hand starts to tremble and I end up messing up my whole nails. I mean- I can manage to apply nail polish. However, adding dots is already a too difficult task for me to undertake.

BUT- I discovered a very sly trick! (Inserts mischievously smirking emoji)
And that trick iiiiis... Permanent Marker! You can get them in various colours and sizes, making Nail Art SO much easier.

What you'll need...
  • Orange Nail Polish (Mine was the KIKO quick dry No 14)
  • A Fine- tipped Permanent marker
  • Top Coat to save your design and add shine (ESSIE all in one base)
  1. Paint your nails using the Orange Nail Polish, then wait until they've completely dried.
  2. Now it's time to create the spiders web. Look up a picture on the internet if you're not sure how to draw the structure of one.
  3. Put the top coat on and feel proud of yourself. You just created nail art without much effort!

Thank you for reading this post!
I hope your nails turn out cute and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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