Summer Snacks: Healthy Popcorn!

With garden parties, outdoor movie nights and BBQ with friends, I thought I'd share one of the simplest and tastiest snacks for summer that is actually super healthy!

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that while growing up in Austria, I've never heard of making your own popcorn. Maybe some people did it back then, but it was definitely not common. My family usually bought one of those microwave popcorn boxes which also tasted pretty nice, but with all those superficial additives it was not really healthy.

Now that I'm living in London, I feel like cooking healthy/vegan/ with other cultural influences is much easier than in Austria. It might just be the fact that many people from different countries live together in such a big city, unlike the very small village I grew up in- or just the change of people I've been hanging out with. My friend Lani told me about this super simple method of making your own popcorn and I didn't really believe it was that easy at first since I thought you needed one of those fancy popcorn machines which first of all I couldn't afford and second of all wouldn't have fitted into the very limited space my kitchen cabinets offer.

In fact- you only need two ingredients.

  • popcorn- obviously not the ready made one. 
  • coconut oil
I put 2 tbsp of coconut oil into a pot on my stove, waited for it to melt and put 1 cup of popcorn in. Then I put the lid on (For the sake of you and your kitchen, don't ever forget this step!) and let it pop! After about 5 minutes I had one massive bowl of healthy popcorn, which I prefer salty, so I sprinkled some ordinary table salt over it, but you could also sprinkle some chocolate over it or whatever floats your boat.Just have fun customising it!

What's your favourite Summer Snack? Tell me in the comments below! xx



  1. Yum!! x
    Morgan |

  2. Is there anything that coconut oil can't do?! It's seriously a wonder ingredient. This popcorn looks really yummy, thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 💜

    1. Soo true!

      Thanks for your cute comment Abbey!

      xx J.


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