A Year In Review

2015 surely has been a very interesting year. In September I published this blog here via blogger instead of tumblr which gained me a lot of new lovely readers and I'm forever thankful for getting in touch with so many of you! Due to The Part Time Mermaid I got a lot of great opportunities as well which you might find out about very soon! Besides the blogging hurly burly, I didn't really rest on my laurels as well. Uni turned out to be suuuper busy this year and got me sitting in front of my text books all day and all night. (*Hums along to One Direction's One Thing*) I'm sure it'll pay off in the end though! I think I also mentioned that me and my boyfriend moved into our new house in December  and three floors definitely take more time to clean than one room and a teeny tiny bath.
Other than that, 2015 was also filled with so many beautiful memories, opportunities and new friendships and I'm forever grateful for those who made it all possible and stood by my side no matter what.

Here's to a new year of positivity, laughter, love, success and freedom! (And writing the date wrong for the next three months)

Hope you all had a super uh-mazing 2015 and an even more gorgeous 2016.

Love, sprinkles and rainbow magic,



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    1. Happy new year, thanks for the lovely comment! :)

  2. Happy New Year!!! :))

    Jess x

    1. Thanks, you too! Also, thanks for commenting ;)

  3. Writing the dates wrong is inevitable! aha and Happy new year too :) xx



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