The Glow

This year my boyfriend surprised me with a very special advent calendar. I got a book about DIY natural cosmetics, which is a topic that really interests me, since I've always wanted to avoid using all those products which include toxins and other stuff that's not good for your face at all. So everyday from now on, I get either a product I'll need for those recipes or supplies, which is such a creative idea and by far my favourite advent calendar since it's a nice alternative to just chocolaty ones. 
The book was written by Anita Bechloch, a German writer who has experienced a lot of struggles using conventional skin products so she started producing her own. I also love how clear she informs you about all things worth knowing concerning skin care, for example she starts off the book by helping you find out about your skin type, telling you about the layers of skin and what their functions are and most importantly which impact the products she's using have.
Further in the book, she uses super simple recipes, clarifies how to use them best for each skin type  and even informs about the expiration date.
After reading this you might have noticed how utterly delighted I am about this book and I'd definitely recommend to check it out! As soon as I've got some free time I'll try out some recipes and let you know! 

Thanks for reading! Maybe leave some feedback in the comments?


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